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Phil bikes onto the Ya Ha Tinda ranch from the Bighorn parking lot.Passing the Warden Rock Retreat with a dire Covid-19 warning to stay away.Entering Banff National Park through its easternmost bison gate.This section of the Cascade fire road needs someone with a shovel to "drain the swamp"!Yellow mountain-avens line the Red Deer River in thick carpets of yellow.Hiking the Cascade fire road along the Red Deer River.Crossing Tyrell Creek.I'm not sure why anyone bothered but we felt obliged to use the 'bridge'.Crossing the open flats just east of Mount White (L) and Tyrell (R).3-flowered Avens and Prow Mountain.Boar Station is a LONG way off yet and we've already traveled almost 20km!Arg. A boggy section of trail just past the Cascade / Red Deer River trail junction.Blanket flower are always nice and bright.Evidence of wolves along the trail.Hiking the Red Deer River trail past Mount White (L) and Prow (R).The Red Deer River and Prow Mountain.The Red Deer River, Mount White (L) and Prow Mountain.Divide Creek and Mount Tyrell.Hiking the Red Deer River trail.Hiking the Red Deer River trail near the Divide Pass trail junction (R).