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A view from the viewpoint just down the trail from the Glacier Lake parking lot - key word here is "down".There was some blowdown along the trail to Glacier Lake but not much, thankfully.Glacier Lake from near the campground - a perfect hiking approach day with clouds and cool temperatures.The trail around the north side of Glacier Lake is a weird mix of maintained and not maintained.The trail around Glacier Lake does tend to gain and lose height more often then you'd like.Anton and Mike negotiate part of the trail that is descending back down to the lake.Hiking along Glacier Lake.We are finished the lake section and now we're setting off across the flats on the western end of Glacier Lake, still following a faint trail.Whenever the Glacier River abuts the north bank, the trail gets a bit gnarly.Alongside the Glacier River.There's some bushwhacking no matter what.We got a bit off track in a section of swamp about 2km west of Glacier Lake.There were a few recently washed out sections of trail where we simply walked on the dry river flats rather than deal with heinous bushwhacking.Nearing the western end of the Glacier River valley. The Mons drainage at left, the route to the headwall just left of centerAt the western end of the Glacier River valley lies a lovely colored tarn which is the first collection point for the melting Lyell IcefieldAnton looks for the trail as we finally start gaining height towards the Mons Headwall. Lyell Lake below us and our approach valley coming in from the right.As long as you don't expect a highway you'll appreciate the trail when you're on it. Believe it or not, we are on it here. :)Anton on a rare clean section of the headwall approach trail.