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Views over Dolomite Creek to Quill, Siffleur, Recondite, Willingdon, Bobac, Watermelon, Puzzle (R)Aylmer, Poltergeist, Devils Head and Castle Rock.Views from the summit shack.Lake Louise with the impressive Mount Victoria looming over it.L to R, Fossil,  Douglas, St. Bride, Tilted, Lychnis, Bonnet, Brachiopod, Anthozoan, Heather Ridge.Gorgeous views across the Trans Canada towards Lake Louise and Mount TempleAmazing views towards Mount Temple from the descent from near Hidden Lake.Mount St. Bride.Zigadenus Lake, Myosotis Lake, Ptarmigan, Pika.(L to R) Redoubt, Zigadenus Lake, Myosotis Lake, Ptarmigan, Pika, Silver Tip Mountain (Wall of Jericho), Lake Merlin, Castilleja Lake, Merlin Castle and Mount Hector.Lake Merlin, Castilleja Lake, Merlin Castle.The Wall of Jericho splits the Skoki Lakes (L) from Merlin Lakes (R).Oyster Peak runs through the foreground with Mount Douglas at right and Mount Drummond at left.Looking back at Peyto Lake with Caldron Peak at right.Excellent views back to Jimmy Simpson, Thompson and Peyto Lake with the Wapta icefield.Looking down hwy 93 to Bow Lake with Crowfoot and BowCrow Mountain looming above.Views past Silverhorn (L) include Bow and Peyto Lake and the Wapta Icefield at right.A pano from just below the summit from Silverhorn and Observation (L) to Patterson (R).