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Fall color and Epaulette (C) and Sarbach (R) from the parking area.The Mistaya River Canyon is impressive.Looking up the Mistaya River at Sarbach. Pretty much the whole route visible here.Breaking tree line onto the lower north ridge of Sarbach looking back at the Saskatchewan Crossing and Mount Wilson.Glacier Lake and Mount Sullivan and Erasmus.Views back to Saskatchewan Crossing and Mount Wilson.Yep - this is still the Rockies! Loose piles of crappy limestone await... :)Looking across our approach and hwy #93 to Mount Murchison, which Raf and I also climbed together in 2013.Looking over a beautiful Glacier Lake at the Lyell Icefield and Arctomys Peak (R).This is a big bloody mountain - looking ahead to the notches and the false summit far above.The view west from the first notch.Looking down hwy 11 towards Mount Cline.Looking back at Raf approaching the first notch, I've already climbed out of it.Looking across the second notch.Looking back at Raf descending into the second notch - lots of exposure here!Raf down climbs the second notch with Survey Peak in the bg.Raf down climbs the second notch.Continuing along the broad north ridge as it starts to curve west.Looking across the Howse River to Glacier Lake. Mounts Outram and Forbes rising on the left.Great view of the ridge we ascended with Wilson and Cline in the bg.