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The Lake O'Hara road is long at around 11km and gains about 450m of height too - not insignificant on a long day like scrambling Park Mountain.A nice hike towards McArthur Pass.Schaffer Lake never disappoints with great views back towards Wiwaxy Peaks and Mount Huber.The larches were just turned - the light green needles were a nice boost to the yellow ones already turned.Steep hiking to McArthur Pass from Schaffer Lake.Incredible morning views including Park Mountain looking very lofty at upper left, Mount Owen at center and Odaray at right.Park Mountain looms over McArthur Lake on the right and Biddle looms over everything at left.A beautiful morning at McArthur Lake. It was hard not to just lie down for a nap here! Park at upper right, Biddle at center distance and Schaffer at left.There is a good trail around the south shore of McArthur Lake but it slowly deteriorates with each challenge along the way.Good grip is essential for this scramble - both alongside the lake and much higher up where you once again will encounter slabs.Looking back at McArthur Lake from its SE corner.Anton and Mike start the long grunt up talus towards Biddle Pass high to the left here.The view of McArthur Lake was a nice distraction behind us as we grunted up to Biddle Pass.We're reasonably confident that we followed a wolverine up to Biddle Pass which is pretty cool.Caution is required when the slope narrows to a steeper couloir due to rock fall.Anton continues to follow the wolverine up to Biddle Pass.Stunning views from Biddle Pass include the long ridge to the summit of Park on the left, Odaray and Cathedral at center and Schaffer /  Whitehead Peak at right.Note the grey rock behind the guys that we traversed from Biddle Pass, Biddle rising at upper left.Looking for a reasonable line through the down sloping shale / slab terrain. The rocks here were very unstable and very, very sharp.