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The evening before climbing Coleman I took some pictures near the Rampart Creek Campground.I heard rustling behind me and saw something along the highway. Sure enough! It was a bear.Eric at the sign showing the directions to Normal Lake campground.We've already done 500 vertical meters and are crossing the meadows towards Mount Coleman.Looking over Sunset Meadows towards Mount Amery.Approaching Coleman from the meadows.Crossing to the larger gully on our right which obviously leads to the col.Using snow to easy our journey up to the col.Bryce in the bg and Saskatchewan at right.Mount Alexandra is a long ways from Coleman!Wilson, Erasmus, Amery and the Alexandra River (R) from our ascent.Eric poses on the ascent ridge - spectacular views towards the Columbia Icefield opening up behind us now.Great view of the Lyells partially hidden behind Willerval Mountain.Still a classic scree grunt for the most part...Ascending scree on the SW ridge of Coleman.Bryce, Saskatchewan and Columbia.Columbia, Androlumbia, Andromeda and Athabasca.Eric on the ridge with Norman Lake and the Sunset Pass area below.The scrambling terrain turns more serious near the summit ridge.Some cairns to guide our way up the steep terrain.