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Reluctantly leaving a very nice bivy.Initially the route was very pleasant.Getting a bit overgrown.The South Glacier drainage creek plunges over this waterfall near the bivy site.I'm not gonna lie - this was a PITA in the dark!!Things start to get manky.We traversed into the East Glacier valley by following sheep trails under steep cliffs on Princess Mary's south / east flanks.Tired, but having fun.We finally break free of the cliff band and view the broad upper valley that used to have the East Glacier in it.Lovely alpine meadows.The desolate moonscape that is the glacial moraines from a receding east glacier.Finding our way to the large bivy site under the east glacier.Hiking up the lower glacier towards Prince Albert.Lots of holes to avoid on this glacier, looking back at a nice sunrise.It got more and more difficult to avoid the holes as we worked our way up the main bulge on the glacier.Now we're on snow and roped up for safety.