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Mount Columbia at sunrise.Leaving camp.So is sad! :-) This is where he decided that he wouldn't be attempting Columbia. His hip flexors were shot from the 20km approachLooking back over a massive hole with Androlumbia at left.Vern on the approach with the trench and Columbia. (Photo by Ferenc)Approaching the trench. Columbia on the left (at least 6km away at this point) and the Twins on the right.Another panorama from the east side of the trench. Bryce on the left, Columbia in center and the Twins on the right.South Twin with Sundial in the distance.Looking down into the trench. Bryce at left, Columbia at distant right.Crossing the trench.Crossing the trench.Vern breaks trail towards Columbia, which is slowly getting larger. Key word is SLOWLY... It's still about 5km away at this point.Exiting the trench.Looking back over the trench to the Twins, Stuts and Kitchener (R).The giant never seems to get closer.A nice-sized hole sitting below the normal ascent route (east ridge) on Columbia.Breaking trail to the south ridge.Gorgeous views past Bryce to Cockscomb and Rostrum.Looking up the south face of Columbia.