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The cutline / road that runs north-south along hwy 40.I wanted an arrow!I love these bright flowers - the Gaillardia or Blanketflower.Another classic beauty - the Harebell.The trail is obvious in most places. The summit is on the upper left and grade never really lets off - this is a steep hike!Gorgeous morning views off the lower trail.More gorgeous views off an interesting section of trail - Little Lawson on the right.There's some easy scrambling sections - some of these can even be avoided if desired.Getting higher, looking over the old Fortress Ski Resort and twin summits of Mound Kidd.The trail transitions to scree - but it's still a highway.Arriving at an upper grassy bench which was the only relief from the steep grade, just before the ascent through the "gates" visible above.Looking back over the nice grassy bench from the start of the "gate" section. Lawson in the background.Tons of flowers on this scramble.View from near the top of the "gates" looking north up hwy 40.Heading for the gates.Looking back down the gates, Lawson, Inflexible and James Walker in the bg.On the upper ridge, looking back, north, as I near the south summit.Looking ahead to the south summit.View of the Opal Range from the summit. Denny, Potts, Evan-Thomas and Packenham all visible.Looking north from the summit.