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The outlet stream looks very choked with bushes but following a faint track and trending down to the center of this photo there is a pathThe easy crossing of McPhail Creek.Looking ahead down the trail from just after the creek crossing.The trail is steep in spots!Looking back along the headwall guarding Weary Creek Gap. The trail sneaks up easy terrain above us. Muir at far left.We continue to lose height along the trail below the headwall.Looking back along the obvious trail to the headwall.The trail is starting to fade a bit as we hit some trees.A little bit of "suck".A little bit more of the "suck"...Starting a manky descent into the steep drainage holding the outlet creek from LOTH.And now back up the other side!Back on a well-defined trail leading up towards LOTH.Interesting hoodoos along the way.Looking up the trail to the LOTH headwall with our traverse route towards the Weary Creek Gap headwall at distant center.Closer to the headwall the exposure (under the patch of trees at center) starts to become apparent.