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Lots of signage at the trailhead.The South Boundary Trail is a full closure thanks to two young grizzlies who have acquainted themselves with human food.The Poboktan Creek trail is wide and easy to follow.While easy to follow, the Poboktan Creek trail is kind of boring for the first 5 or 6km until you finally get this view looking back down stream.It's a lovely day in the shade, but no camping allowed at km 6! You must go another km to the Poboktan Creek campground. The Maligne Pass trail branches off to the left here.We walked past the decommissioned trail to the Maligne Pass area.Near the Poboktan Creek campground.After crossing two bridges immediately past the Poboktan Creek Campground, you must keep a sharp eye out for the faint, unmarked climbers trail branching leftAlmost immediately a nice falls shows up on the left side of the trail.Falls along the Poboktan North Fork (PNF) creek.Don't expect a wide trail up the creek.After some fairly bushy hiking along a faint trail, we came to a rock garden which we ascended following the only cairns on route.Looking back at our approach valley, over the rock garden we just ascended along.