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Skiing the icy Moraine Lake road.Ben on the lower avy slopes under Aberdeen - Mount Temple in the background.Apologies for the slightly mis-focused shot, but it does show the cool terrain we ascended from valley bottom.Speed skiing in the dark! Lots of fun - definitely way more fun than walking out would be.Hours later we are now descending the south ridge of Christian Peak to the bowl under the Lyell Hut which is on the rock shoulder above Steven's head.OK - THIS is a complete white out! Ascending Peyto Glacier.Robin breaks trail up to the Baker col.Another shot of the group coming up to the col. Mount Thompson in the background with Peyto Hut underneath it.At the Baker col.At the Baker col.TJ skis towards Mount Balfour in great early morning lighting.TJ and Ben come up behind me - we have already gained a few hundred meters here.Ben skis up under the heavily crevassed east face of Mount Balfour. This is where we started crossing bridged crevasses.Here you can see the objective dangers of traversing under the east face - hanging serac regularly calve offSkiing back to the descent slopes, we will descend left just ahead of this spot before contouring around the rock rib in front of BenLooking back at the steep descent slopes down the SW slopes from the upper ridge to the Glacier.Descending back to the Balfour Hut.Ben and TJ are skiing quickly back down to the hut.