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Phil starts up the trail beyond the Invincible Creek crossing.The forest is nice and green and the trail towards The Forks Campground is fast.Crossing the Upper Kananaskis River.Getting near our turnoff now - Putnik rising in the smoky morning air.The narrowing drainage. You can't see the waterfall yet but our eventual route up it is already visible.The waterfall comes into view with Sonny's route at top right here on the left trending ramp.We have started up the right side of the creek (falls at right) but you can clearly see the two scree ramps at left that look very simple and also lead to the upper NW bowl.Phil starts up the base of our access gully through the headwall.Looking up the easy gully.Phil tops out of the gully - the terrain is still more technical than a simple hike, thanks to a combination of loose rock, hard dirt and other Rockies gems.Views down our approach and up the Kananaskis River Valley towards Turbine Canyon and the Haig Glacier. Putnik at left and Hermione Peak at center.Fossil distractions.Heading for the peak which is still out of sight at center distance here.Interesting terrain which was recently under ice. The Lyautey NW glacier finally in view.Phil approaches the toe of the NW glacier.Interesting lines on the glacier.One of the only crevasses we encountered and one of only a few on the entire NW glacier - easily bypassed at left.Looking back down the glacier from near the bottom of the scree access gully. Note the impressive cliff walls at left.Finally the bottom of our access gully comes into view ahead and to the left in front of the far grey rock and gullies. Kane's abutment ridge at upper left.