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Deep frost surrounds us as we arrive at the bottom of Boulder Pass. Redoubt Mountain looms over us here.Looking into the Hidden Lake bowl between Richardson (L) and Ptarmigan (R).Mount Temple looms over Boulder Pass.I always wonder where this pass gets its name from.Mount Douglas and St. Bride reflect in Ptarmigan Lake.It's been over a dozen years since I saw Ptarmigan Lake looking remotely like this, with Lychnis (R), Mount St. Bride (C) and Mount Douglas (L) reflecting in it.I love this impressive view of Redoubt Mountain from the trail around Ptarmigan Lake.Heather Ridge behind us as we ascend Deception Pass.From Deception Pass we get a look at our destination summits rising impressively at center right (Cyclone) and right (Pipestone).Glancing over towards Skoki Lakes (our return route), we can see that many of the larches have lost their shine in that area.A tranquil scene.Hiking towards the largest of the Red Deer Lakes from just past the campground.Mount Douglas rises impressively over the Red Deer Lake meadows.Red Deer Lakes are a special place in the fall.The landscape is on fire as we work our way around the NE shores of the largest Red Deer Lake.Why would you sit in an office on a day like this?!This is soul food.Looking up at the false summit - looking deceivingly close but hundreds of vertical meters above us.Making our way through the easy forest - there was some deadfall but nothing horrendous.Exiting the forest to this large avalanche path choked with annoying shrubs.