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Looking up towards the false summit of MacLaren from just above the headwall behind our tent - the lake is out of sight at lower left here.Carnarvon Lake is stunning from above the headwall.Looking back down at the valley between MacLaren and Strachan, which is rising in the distance to the right.On the NW ridge of MacLaren now, looking north towards Strachan, McPhail (C) and Muir SW2 (L).Views to the east off the NW ridge and over the Highwood River Valley were very acceptable and include Mount Head at right and Serendipity at center.Still a long way to the false summit from here - but easy and with great views.Don't blow off the ridge KC!!Just a wee bit of exposure down the east face.KC deals with strong wind gusts on the exposed (but easy) ridge.You can see the first false summit of Shankland now at left. Muir, McPhail and Strachan at distant right.Looking ahead to the true summit of MacLaren at center right from the false summit.