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It's still fairly dark after our crossing of the Red Deer River.Warden Rock looms on the L. It's further than it looks.On a well-defined horse track!The sky is clear as we work our way south and then west (out of sight to the right) into the upper hanging valleyThe upper valley is a gorgeous spot. Warden Rock on the R.We lovingly called this "Little Warden Rock"... ;)Starting up the snow gully, looking back at our approach.A steep grunt - this would suck without snow!We surprised a group of sheep. They looked genuinely puzzled to see us.We popped out on the summit plateau to BRUTAL, hurricane force wind but great views! The summit is on the right.Ben comes onto the summit plateau, Ya Ha Tinda in the distance.The gorgeous Red Deer River valley runs into Banff National Park in this view from the summit ridge.Excellent summit views! This is looking towards Ya Ha Tinda. Wapiti on the L and unnamed on the R. Ascent line is from lower R.Vern tries not to blow off the summit of Warden Rock! ;) Photo by Steven Song.Another view up the Red Deer River into Banff. Mounts Gable and White on the L and Tyrell and Wapiti on the R.