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An old sign along the Jones Pass trail to the Skoki Lodge.Skoki Lodge.View up the SW aspect of Skoki Mountain.Vern ascends yet another scree slope in Skoki!Zigadenus Lake, Myosotis Lake, Ptarmigan, Pika.(L to R) Redoubt, Zigadenus Lake, Myosotis Lake, Ptarmigan, Pika, Silver Tip Mountain (Wall of Jericho), Lake Merlin, Castilleja Lake, Merlin Castle and Mount Hector.Vern and Jon on the summit of Skoki Mountain.Lake Merlin, Castilleja Lake, Merlin Castle.Zigadenus Lake, Myosotis Lake and Ptarmigan Peak rising above.Views over Oyster Peak to Douglas, St. Bride and Lychnis (R).The largest Red Deer Lake right under the summit.The other two Red Deer Lakes show up. Red Deer Lakes camp site is down there somewhere and the Red Deer River starts here too.The Wall of Jericho splits the Skoki Lakes (L) from Merlin Lakes (R).