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Morning dawns clear and COLD at our camp.Skinning towards the Stutfield Col.Mount Alberta (L) and the two Stutfield Peaks (R).Tele shot of Cromwell peeking from between the Stutfields.Making our way to the Stutfield col from camp. It still took an hour, even though we were relatively 'close'.North Twin Peak and Twins Tower.Twins Tower is impressive from the Stutfield col.The steep roll to gain Stutfield Peak is an avalanche hazard.Looking back at Kev with South Twin, North Twin and Twins Tower from L to R.Kev on Stutfield Peak.Steven with the Twins in the background.Twins Tower.Crevasses on North Twin.Monkhead, Warren, Brazeau and Valad (L to R).Mount Alberta.Summit pano from Stutfield Peak looking west, north and east.Mount Columbia.Mount Clemenceau.