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Immediately you are presented with an amazing view of Phantom Crag or 'Devil's Fang'.Black Rock Mountain is a long ways off when you first come into the Ghost River valley. Devils Head at far left.The mountain is bone dry.Looking back it seems like a long way.Relief in the form of a comfortable outhouse - complete with a roll of TP!! NOTE: The floods of 2013 have demolished this luxury, I'm afraid. :(Coming out of tree line about 35 minutes after the outhouse, at a good pace.Starting a familiar scree grind.Views back over the Ghost River towards Orient Point.The route up through the gap.Cliffs.The fire lookout looks very small from above the gap. It's only about 40 minutes away at this point.Vern hoists the enormous summit register on Black Rock.Incredible views of Ghost Peak (R) and even Barrier Mountain (L).Vern on the summit of Black Rock.Vern surveys an excellent panorama from inside the hut.Association, End, Orient Point, Devils Fang, Costigan, Aylmer, Poltergeist,Devils Head, Castle Rock.Costigan, Aylmer, Poltergeist,Devils Head, Castle Rock, Davidson, Ghost Peak.Poltergeist, Devils Head, Castle Rock and Davidson (R).Mount Aylmer.Devils Head from the summit of Black Rock Mountain. I would finally climb that impressive peak 7 years later in 2012.