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The makeshift 'bridges' that I used to cross the very low West Castle River.The trail is sort of nondescript lower down, but there are plenty of ribbons and even home made signs to guide you - as long as you also have the GPS track! ;)A hand drawn sign shows me the way to "Southfork Lakes".As I work my way up the east ridge the trail becomes very well defined in the thin and dry forest.A very dry and desperate forest - but it manages to survive somehow.The trail breaks out of the trees fairly low down and nicely sticks to very steep open terrain, granting great views early on.Views towards Southfork Mountain from the west ridge.Gorgeous views towards Syncline Mountain - this makes the weather look a bit better than it was over my two peaks.A break in the clouds as I make my way over towards Southfork Lakes now.Nearing the first lake, I come across this fishing registration box (no cards) - I guess it must have fish!Coming up to the Lower Southfork Lake.Working my way around the lovely Lower Southfork Lake.The trail heads through brightly colored larches towards the small headwall between the Upper and Lower Southfork Lakes.Looking back at the Lower Southfork Lake.Nice moody landscapes as I work my way up the headwall.Gazing up the east slope towards the summit of Southfork and the awesome larch forest higher up.Looking down at the two Upper Southfork Lakes from the ascent slope. The lower lake out of sight at left.