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Ready to rock 'n roll! Park at the guard rail before Engadine Lodge (coming from hwy 40).We were supposed to end up in the center. We ended up on upper left and then skied around to the center!I wasn't looking forward to the descent through tight trees and crappy snow on the headwall before the lake.Grunting up steep slopes above Commonwealth Lake. The slopes to the right are awesome yo-yo slopes.Awesome views of Commonwealth. Note the avy damaged trees in the foreground and the steep avy slope beyond?The col into Commonwealth Creek is out of sight to the right. Pig's Back rises above us out of sight on the right.Looking left to another serious looking ascent slope / col that would dump you in the Burstall Pass approach valley.Wietse at the col, looking towards Piggy Plus. Pig's back to the right.It's as easy as it looks!It's as easy as it looks!Wietse takes in the awesome morning views across Commonwealth Creek to the west toward The Fist and Tent Ridge.Looking over at Wietse on the summit with Smuts, The Fist and many other summits visible including Smutwood at the very far left! ;-)