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The night sky over highway 766 was pretty darn impressive.Doug looks back at me from part way across Abraham Lake with Michener and our ascent route behind him.It would be easy to spend an entire day just on the lake but we had a peak to bag! ;)Abraham Lake.Abraham Lake.Panorama from the SE shoreline looking back at Mount Abraham.A very interesting side channel coming into the lake from the Michener shoreline created this massive hole in the ice.Gaining the lower NW ridge of Michener, looking back at Abraham Lake towards Vision Quest and Coral Ridge.There is some bush, but thankfully it's not too thick and ends rather quickly. Also, the lack of snow made things much easier here.We pop out of the thicker bush onto good rock and a very stiff / cold west wind coming off the lake.The ridge was good fun on mostly solid rock - I really enjoyed this part of the scramble. The views didn't hurt either.Doug on the ridge with the lake below.Abraham Lake stretches out almost in full view.Doug takes on some good rock.Doug on the ridge with Coral Ridge, Mount Stelfox, Bright Star and part of Vision Quest across the lake.The summit comes into view.The lake looks a lot closer than it is here!Abraham MountainElliot Peak (L) and Sentinel Mountain (C).