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Early morning views towards my mountain.Lots of flowers on the hike.Crossing Forty-Mile Creek.Crossing Forty-Mile Creek.Even though there were no warnings at the trailhead, I knew all the ripe berries meant bears would be a possibility.The trail is very well-used.If you follow the main trail you end up in the amphitheater which is a nice spot to grab a coffee or bite to eatYou can avoid the amphitheater by taking a hard right turn before going up that far and hitting this ridge.Ascending the NW shoulder.Ascending the NW shoulder.Great views of the Norquay Ski Resort and Mount Norquay. Edith, Cory and Louis on the right.Close up of Edith, Cory and Louise (L to R).After traversing around the scree you see how far you still have to go! Make sure you follow the cairns with orange flagging or you will get off route.Lots of route markers on the way.Ascending the west ridge now.Looking back at the ascent ridge - I've just lost a bit of height here.Looking down the ascent ridge (R) with Banff and Mount Rundle (L) in the background.You do not want any snow or ice on this traverse section! There are some places with down sloping slabs and small scree to get over.