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Cornelius starts the scree ascent of Dip Slope's SW face.Hiking and scrambling up steep scree to break the cliffs guarding the upper SW face of Dip Slope.Views back to our bivy lake from the SW face of Dip Slope.The glaciated col at left can be used to traverse down to Three Brothers Lake and Cataract Peak.Interesting terrain to the summit - it's much, much further than it first appears!Great views north to two unnamed outliers of Dip Slope.Stunning positions on the NW ridge. Deluc at right, Roaring Creek at lower left.An unnamed outlier and Smoky Mountain from the NW ridge.Smoky (Growl) Mountain at distant center across the Roaring Creek Valley.Ascending the scenic NW ridge of Dip Slope Mountain.Ascending the scenic NW ridge of Dip Slope Mountain.Ascending the scenic NW ridge of Dip Slope Mountain.Nearing the summit of Dip Slope Mountain.An original summit register from Graeme Pole's FRA in 1990! Soaking wet unfortunately...Summit views over Roaring Creek at left and towards Cataract and Deluc at center.Snort and Bleat Peak at left, McConnell at center and Cataract Peak at distant right.Cataract Peak at center with Little Cataract and its glacier at right.Lake Louise peaks including Mount Temple and Huber in the hazy distance.Mountain layers with a balanced boulder we dubbed "Homer" in the fg.Two unnamed outliers with Whimper at right, Mamen and Malloch at distant center.