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Hiking from Alderson Peak to Mount Carthew in Waterton National Park.
Summit Lake reflects a beautiful morning view as we make our way up to the Carthew - Alderson col.Chapman Peak rises behind us.Sonny hikes up the Carthew Summit trail.Chapman Peak rises behind us.The views towards Mount Custer keep getting better and better as we get higher.Custer (L) with Kinnerly and Kintla (C) in the distance.Views towards Mount Carthew from the col.Mount Custer at right, Shaheeya at left.Bob and Sonny at the col.Bob Parr with Chapman (L), Carter, Rainbow, Custer, Kintla and Kinnerly in the bg.Mount Crandell (C) with Buchanan Ridge East to its left.Bob and Sonny heading up the lower slopes of Alderson.Looking past Mount Carthew towards Buchanan Ridge.Jame on the ridge.Sonny comes over the first obstacle on the ridge of Alderson. You by-pass this bump on climbers left.Jame on the ridge.James and Kelly on the ridge with two guys coming down behind them.Buchanan Peak (R) and the higher Buchanan Ridge at left.