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Anton kicks slushy steps around a tarn as we tramp our way from camp, up to the top of the headwall bypass route.Gorgeous view back over our bivy site at center with Forbes visible in the far distance at upper center.Anton crests the upper moraine with Forbes in the distance.Anton and Mike descend the upper moraine to the top of the headwall bypass route (lower left) as Forbes shows off in the distance.Christmas tree 'fun'.Looking across at the alpine route up the headwall.Great views on a beautiful afternoon as we start the steep and hot descent to the Glacier River valley.Looking across the Glacier River valley to the Lyell Meadows and the route to the Lyell Icefields via Arctomys Peak.Descending the moraine.Descending the moraine.Still on the 'trail' - you just can't actually see it.A gorgeous view over Lyell Lake showing the moraine that is used to access the Lyell Meadows and Icefield.The short and shallow crossing we had to do across the Glacier River flats is very non-typical for most climbers accessing Mount Forbes from this trail.We managed to get through the gnarliest section of trail along the Glacier River already on Sunday afternoonThe last few km's to the western end of the Glacier River are the most overgrown or blown down.A delightful camp on soft ground! Good thing I brought my -18 down sleeping bag eh?! ;)Anton takes in the rising sun from camp, early on Monday morning.Another beautiful day dawns in this view looking back to the Lyells and the Mons drainage from our camp along the Glacier River.