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A very steep descent off the west side of BBP.A very steep descent off the west side of BBP.We first descended this massive slope until the snow turned to ice - then we bailed to the north ridge out of sight to the skier's right.Steven descends a steeper slope while I traverse to the end of the north ridge first. MSJ rises above Steven with a glacier between us.Ben and Eric follow me down the north ridge. We avoided the cliffs above them on climber's right.Looking for a way onto the icefields on MSJ's northeast flank.Descending off Big Bend Peak towards the MSJ col.Descending off Big Bend Peak towards the MSJ col.Eric traverses off the lower slopes of BBP behind me.Looking back at our descent track off BBP's west side.Ascending MSJ.Eric comes up the icefield with BBP in the background.A mind blowing pano as we make our way along the ridge to the summit of MSJ.Mount Saskatchewan.Eric follows me up the ridge - we're off the icefield now. Cirrus in the background.Ben and Steven make their way to the summit of MSJ. Totally Awesome View to the left.North Towers and TAV.