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Jeez, I can't get a break on these cold temperature, early morning starts along the Spray Lakes road!Commonwealth Ridge from the parking area is the second peak from the left. We ascended a good track up from lower right.Gorgeous morning lighting as we cross Smut's Creek.Initially we followed tracks (and So's GPS track) down this road, but soon realized this wasn't the right way and turned up to our rightIt was bloody cold, but also bloody gorgeous on this particular morning.Following old ski tracks through Christmas trees back to the main trail on the ridge.The trail up the treed lower ridge was in fantastic shape and even had some really nice switchbacks built up.Breaking tree line, looking east off the ridge towards Little Galatea and of course, Galatea.Breaking tree line to the lower shoulder.Great morning views looking east off the shoulder. The avalanche slopes ahead make for very nice skiing in stable conditions.Phil starts up the ridge from the shoulder.The avalanche chutes are gorgeous ski terrain in stable conditions!The false summit rises above, the true summit out of sight behind the rock pinnacle right of center. We traded the shoes for crampons at this spot.Looking west over Pig's Back towards Smuts and The Fist from the ridge to the north summit. Commonwealth and Birdwood on the left.Phil heads up the north summit of Commonwealth Ridge.The terrain on the ridge is not entirely straightforward in winter - for folks who aren't used to this sort of thing.Views west and north off the north summit of Commonwealth Ridge, looking back along the ascent ridge.Phil comes up to the north summit along the ridge, Spray Lakes in the distant background.Looking back along the traverse around the rock pinnacle on the ridge to the true summit. We are off the trickiest terrain now.Looking up at the pinnacle while climbing back up beside it - obviously going over it, is NOT scrambling terrain.