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Looking towards the first serious elevation gain on Barnaby's north ridge from Southfork Mountain.The ridge is easily followed from Southfork - the Castle Ski Resort seen at center. The weather is still pretty gloomy at this point.The only real scrambling of the day is going up the north end of the first bump from Southfork.Looking west and north from the traverse of the first bump. Southfork at far right.Barnaby Ridge summit looks a long ways off after the first bump is passed from Southfork.Impressive valley between Barnaby Ridge (distant center) and the intervening bump between Barnaby and Southfork.The weather continues to cooperate as I drop down towards the interesting bench traverse towards Barnaby.The bench.Traversing another intervening bump towards Barnaby.The easy summit slope of Barnaby Ridge is all that stands in my way of a second peak today.From left to right summits include, St. Eloi, Syncline, Southfork (hidden), Table, Whistler, Gladstone, North Castle, Victoria, Castle, Windsor, Pincher Ridge and West Castle.Lovely colors of Beaver Mines Lake and Table Mountain.One of my favorite shots from the Castle area includes Victoria Peak, Castle Peak, West Castle Peak and Windsor (L to R).Castle and Windsor Peaks.Lys Ridge.La Coulotte Peak with Sunkist Ridge to its right.West Castle / Lys Ridge at center left and La Coulotte just right of center. Scarpe Mountain at right.