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Fork for the Sullivan River FSR (l) and the Bush River FSR (r).A section of road that was thankfully cleared by the snowmobilers or locals before us.Ready to go!The infamous Tyrolean traverse cable that people have used to cross the river and is now probably not usable.A feisty stream crossing.A feisty stream crossing.Mike and Ben step out of the river crossing - it was much faster and deeper on return.A hot trudge up the lower logging road as it switchbacks up the end of the 'handrail' ridge.Yes. This is the road. LOL.For some reason the stream decided to utilize the road here.Josh comes up the edge of the second clearcut.Great scenery already from the NW corner of the second clear-cut looking back.This is the old sign that indicates the route through the upper forest to treeline.We started running into snow almost immediately in the trees.We started running into snow almost immediately in the trees.Thanks to the snow cover we did get off trail a few times.Breaking out of the forest and traversing very interesting gully features to the alpine.