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The heavily flood-damaged Cat Creek day use area is closed for obvious reasons.At left is Mount Muir with McPhail, Horned Mountain, Bishop and Hill of the Flowers to its right.A chilly crossing of the Highwood River.Crossing McPhail Creek shortly after the Highwood River is much easier.A plethora of wildflowers along the dry, wide trail.Views towards the impressive rock wall of the Great Divide.The trail becomes narrower and rougher once it starts climbing towards the lake.A beautiful morning.Entering the Don Getty Wildland Provincial Park.More beauty along the trail.Finally the giant east face of Mount MacLaren looms near. Only the false summit is visible here - at left.Looking toward the Carnarvon Lake headwall.Hiking toward the Carnarvon Lake headwall.The traverse towards the headwall provides some great views along the east face of MacLaren.Nearing the start of the exposed climb up the chains which are directly above us to the right of the stream here.Do we have to ascend here? Yep. This is the easier lower chain.