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A groggy Raf reluctantly unzips his warm tent to take in the morning views. And that cold morning wind.Early morning pano from the bivy.Sunrise on the Lyells above Glacier Lake.Sunrise on Mount Forbes.Mount Forbes (L) and the Lyells (R) with Glacier Lake glistening in the morning light.Mount Wilson is an impressive massif on the other side of Saskatchewan Crossing.Mount Cline with Lion and Lioness to the right.Sunrise on the Lyells over Glacier Lake.The moon is still setting at upper right as Raf follows me up the south slopes.NOTE: Our route did not ascend the snow patch on lower right but that could be a workable route.In the steep and very loose gully under the NW summit.The gullies on Murchison are debris-filled and can have ice in them even late in the season.Looking back out of the ascent gully at some of Murchison's towers.Traversing back out of the gully (to our right) on steep ledges covered in scree.Looking across the broken south slopes towards the summit.Traversing the southwest face on a mixture of snow, scree and boulders.Looking west to the Chephren / White Pyramid Massif.Great view of Chephren (L) and White Pyramid (R).We traversed this terrain - you can make out the twin 'horns' high above our eventual ascent gully at center here.We traversed several gullies before reaching the correct one. We left cairns behind to guide us back.