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Leaving the parking lot on Friday afternoon after work.A raging Yoho RiverA view of our objectives the evening before from the Stanley Mitchell campground.Getting close to the glacier under the light of the moon, looking back at Kiwetinok, Pollinger and McArthurStarting up the toe of the glacier.Looking back down the glacier - morning light just starting now.Early morning light as we head up the glacier - Vice President on the left, President on the right.The glacier is melted out pretty good by this point. Alpine glow starting to show on the President.It's shaping up to be a glorious day as we approach the firn line - the point where glacial ice is replaced by permenant snow.The glacier was very easy to climb, thanks to the firm snow.Looking back down the glacier at Tom Wolfe with his clients.Kiwetinok and McArthur behind us.Des Poilus, Isolated, Collie, Rhondda, Gordon and other Wapta Peaks behind us.The angle steepens to the col.Approaching the large bergschrundThe size of the 'schrund is obvious when Tom and his clients approach it!