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Near the bottom of the Eagle Basin.I will traverse this boulder field to the right to attain the lower slopes of Eagle Mountain.Crossing the Sunshine Ski Resort boundary (note the string at right) and heading towards Eagle Mountain from Howard Douglas.Passing through a nice larch forest on the way to Eagle Mountain.The day continues to improve as I look back at Howard Douglas (L) and over the larch forest under Eagle Mountain.Looking up "The Cleavage" - a black diamond run in winter and easy scramble when snow free.Above The Cleavage now, looking over the ski resort at right and Howard Douglas at left.Pretty easy (boring) scree plod to the summit!A chopper checks me out - the summit of Howard Douglas also in this shot.Pretty good views looking north (L) and south (R) include Howard Douglas right of center. The peak at left foreground is unnamed.Howard Douglas (L) looks scary from this angle!Summit views.Sundance Peak is impressive. And rarely ascended.There are only five named summits on the entire 24km length of the Sundance Ridge. Cone Mountain on the SE end, Beersheba (the highest point on the ridge at over 3,000m), Allenby and MercerLooking over Banff and Mount Norquay (L) towards Brewster, Cascade, Astley, Aylmer, Inglismaldie, Girouard, Peechee and RundleLooking west over the Sunshine Meadows towards The Monarch, Twin Cairns, Ramparts, Healy Pass, Haiduk, Sugarloaf, Healy Pass Peak, Greater and Lesser Pharaoh Peaks, Mount Ball (L to R).The valley between Eagle, Unnamed (L) and Howard Douglas (R) looks like an interesting spot to visit, as does Brewster Creek running alongside the Sundance Range in the distance at right.