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OXO is even visible from the Mosquito Creek (Hostel) parking lot. It's the angled summit left of center in the far distance.Approaching the drainage on the Mosquito Creek trail near the fresh avalanche debris from the winter of 2016.The creek was surprisingly high as we started up it.We decided to ascend the bank to the right and follow light forest instead of sticking right in the creek the whole way.Along the much smaller right hand branch of the creek now. It completely disappeared soon after this photo.Breaking into the hanging valley - the NE peak of Dolomite at center.Interesting piles of rock and scree litter the mouth of the valley.Our first glimpse of the lovely meadows between Dolomite (L) and OXO (C).Wietse hikes the lovely valley towards the pass - note the fall colors.Interesting rock patterns as we approach the end of the valley. OXO looms above us ominously.Phil enters the narrow gorge just under the pass.Phil takes in the rest of the route up to the pass.At the pass, looking over Dolomite Creek towards Cirque and Silverhorn.Starting up the west face of the north end of OXO from the pass.Evidence of what's to come litters the slope around us.The mouth of the beast.Starting up the really loose stuff.If it wasn't so bloody loose and funneled, the terrain would actually be a fun, difficult scramble.Here we're encountering some snow and ice high in our first gully.