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Cresting the rise on the eastern edge of the Lyell Glacier, Arctomys is finally visible again (right of center), and below us at this point.The lush green valley at center is known as "The Valley of a Thousand Lakes".Ben and I really wanted to turn around at this point. We figured we already got a great view so why not? Steven thankfully pushed us onward.Looking back at our tracks curving off the main Lyell Glacier in our attempt to avoid crevasses on the eastern edge of the icefield where the slope rolls downhill.Like any icefield, the distances and elevation changes are drastically under represented from our vantage.Losing hundreds of meters of height into the baking hot bowl just west of Arctomys ascent ridge.Finally approaching the bottom icefield leading towards the south shoulder of Arctomys that we'll ascend another 400m.Working our way up the rubbly west ridge of Arctomys, looking back at Ben and the Lyell Glacier with the lovely green Lyell Meadows and Mount Forbes at center.The views are improving, but guess what? Even more height gain / loss once we're on the west ridge! That was a theme for our weekend.Looking down the west ridge and south shoulder (L) of Arctomys back at the Lyells and their icefield.Finally we've gained enough height to start feeling a nice cool breeze. It felt hella-good to be off the icefield for a bit!Still not at the summit but Arctomys Creek and the Valley of Lake is a lovely paradise far below.Finally on the last bit of ridge to the summit.Ben is now glad we pushed on to this diminutive peak with its grand views.A zoomed out view of the Lyell Icefall to Arctomys Lake and the headwaters of Arctomys Creek and the Valley of Lakes.I can't think of a lovelier, more hidden lake than Arctomys. I doubt too many folks have dipped their toes in her waters.The Lyell Glacier plunges hundreds of meters to Arctomys Lake in a series of impressive waterfalls.Looking down the Valley of Lakes.