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Following the crowd up Hector Creek.Starting up avy debris just below the headwall - looking back at our approach.Negotiating through the avy debris is interesting, especially on icy snow early in the morning.TJ carries his skis up the waterfall through the headwall.After carrying our skis up the headwall we were treated to some pretty great views back down our approach and across #93 towards Bow Peak.Skiing up under Little Hector.Skinning up under Little Hector.Skinning up under Little Hector.There is almost a traffic jam of skiers heading up beside Little Hector!Serious avalanche terrain on our way up and around the north ridge of Little Hector. Andromache rising on the right.Little Hector looks great from this angle.We start to pass other groups just before getting to the plateau on the NE side of Little Hector which can be seen here in the bg.At the terminal moraine for the Hector Glacier, passing another group. Little Hector looming above us here.The terrain is huge here! TJ heads up towards the toe of Hector Glacier.Looking back at other groups as we gain the toe of the glacier.Passing yet another large group.Great views east to Molar Mountain.Skiing up the toe of Hector Glacier.You can just barely make out the two French guys in front of us. On hindsight we probably should have the rope on here already.Skiing past a large crevasse on the Hector Glacier with the summit above and the two French guys clearly visible now.