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Sunrise from camp on Saturday morning.The gorgeous Matterhorn of the Rockies rises over the surrounding area like a king.Mount Assiniboine with the moon as the sun sets. Our route goes up the ridge trending to skyline left from bottom left.Sunrise over Magog Peak.Sunrise over the Assiniboine area.The last hints of a dying day come to a brilliant close as we continue down slope to Fatigue Pass with Fatigue Mountain and its eastern summit in front of us.A lovely sunset over Little Temple from Paradise Creek.Traversing on frozen terrain but high above the nasty creek below.Across the first ridge, looking at the first major valley and col we have to gain in the far distance between the two summits in the sun light.Sunset on Mount Cline.Mount Forbes catches the last remaining rays of sunshine.Darkness comes in from the east as the sun flees in the west.Predawn over Willerval towards the Lyells and Bryce.Just before sunrise - a view off the summit ridge towards the Columbia Icefields.Mount Bryce is kissed by the sun.Mount Bryce.Mount Columbia and the Twins catch first light.Mount Columbia, North Twin and Saskatchewan.Looking back over our bivy site as the sun rises over Mount Cline.