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A cold morning at the parking lot.Finally we start gaining height on the road at the switchbacks.A gorgeous winter day in Little Yoho, this is looking back over our approach from the top of the switchbacks.The group pauses on the road before heading left up the Mount Field skin track. Wapta Mountain looms above us here and the obvious chutes ahead of us have ski tracks.The lower approach to Mount Field which is still mostly hidden left of center. This photo shows the steeper avalanche chutes that can be skied on descent at right of centerWe ascend a shallow draw towards thicker trees beside the avalanche paths.The 1400m vertical is non-stop once you get to the switchbacks down on the Yoho Valley Road. We still have hundreds of meters to ascendStarting to break treeline.Skinning up the lower section of the upper face.Skinning up the lower section of the upper face.We got lucky with a great skin track on ascent and few tracks on descent.]Entering into the alpine and more obvious avy terrain.Getting steeper.A small roll in the slope that again, could be avoided by swinging wider to the right (north) on ascent.On large open snow slopes the terrain can sneak up on you. This is that "small roll" from the previous photo.Mount Ogden looms behind us.Robin comes up the small roll behind me as the day continues to not suck. Note how much higher Ogden still is at this point (left)?A steep track.Looking back at our ascent line.Robin asks, "Are we there yet?!". Uh - "No".