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Near the Lyell Hut.Ben leaves the comfort of the Lyell Hut for our attempt on Walter Peak.A gorgeous morning view from the Lyell Hut, looking over "Crampon Col" towards Rostrum Peak (L) and Icefall Peak / Rostrum Tower (R).As we start around the western edge of the Lyell Icefield we encounter some pretty big holes.We make our way along the west ridge of Christian Peak towards the west face of Walter, which is straight ahead here.Pretty sublime views towards Whiterose, Alexandra, Oppy and Farbus at center to the north.If only there was an easy way to the ascent ridge at center! Unfortunately there isn't.Lots of sagging bridges visible (in sunlight) on the west face of Walter and lots of massive holes between us and that far slope!Heavily crevassed, sagging snow bridges and a traverse between two large 'schrunds that are shedding snow and ice over the route.More of what we'd have to deal with before accessing the west face of Walter Peak.Continuing on up to the south shoulder of Christian Peak.On the south shoulder, aiming for the SE face now with the huge 'schrund already visible.Whiterose, Alexandra, Bryce, Queens, Columbia, Oppy, Farbus, North and South Twin, Alberta and Stutfield Peak (L to R).Just finishing the west shoulder of Christian and transitioning to the southeast face route.The snowshoes are off as we start up the lower SE face.Ben traverses towards the bridge over the 'schrund on the southeast face of Christian Peak, the west shoulder that we approach from at lower left.A steep snow climb on slurpee snow - sometimes sinking to knee deep without the snowshoes on.Incredible views along Christian's north ridge from the summit.