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As is common with ridge traverses in the Castle Wilderness, they often look far easier than they are.Gorgeous views south over Rainy Lakes towards JSP. The peaks that we dubbed, "Red Argillite" are left of Phil in the distance.Looking back at the descent from Three Lakes Ridge.A highpoint on the south ridge towards JSP with Rainy Lake at left.Some day I'd love to climb it despite the fact that it's mid 5th class I think it's doable - as a roped climb NOT a scramble.There's a reason this day adds up to 2200m height gain! The ridge undulates towards JSP.The ethereal beauty of the smaller, south Rainy Lake is enhanced by the larches surrounding it.Phil surveys the rest of our route. JSP, Scarpe and Red Argillite's east summit from L to R.Looking back at Three Lakes Ridge from a low point on the traverse.Mount Gladstone looks awesome from this angle!From L to R, JSP, Scarpe, Red Argillite Peaks, Krowicki, Miles, Tombstone, Middle Kootenay, Haig and Three Lakes Ridge.The peak we dubbed "Red Argillite West" is lower than Nugara's "RA" but looks fierce from this angleMountain Goats.Looking north (L), east (C) and south (R) from Three Lakes Ridge to Rainy Ridge to JSP.The route up Jake Smith looks (and is) pretty darn easy.