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Can't miss this turn-off!Wietse on the steep approach trail. Miette looms in the background.Still a ways to the saddle but Miette is getting bigger.Grinding up very steep scree to the high saddle.Looking back over the Athabasca River towards Roche a Bosche, Coronach and Roche Ronde (R).The ascent route to the summit block of Miette goes through the rock bands running from upper right to lower center of picture.Wietse follows me up the loose terrain. This is where the sheep knocked rocks down on him!Traversing through the rock band.Looking ahead to the summit bump from above the steep, loose slopes of the summit block.Rain is coming! Looking over Jasper (C) and Talbot (L) Lake.Looking further up the Miette Range towards Capitol Mountain.Views NW include Beaver Bluffs, Roche a Bosche, Coronach and Roche Ronde (R).Vern on the summit of Roche Miette.Wietse heads for the summit as I wait out the rain storm just below it.