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Rod and Jon on the rough trail between Kananaskis Lake and Hidden Lake.Rod and Vern are very glad to be hiking along the shoreline of Hidden Lake rather than bushwhacking around the east side of it.A very calm and retreated Hidden Lake with Indefatigable and Warspite in the bg.After Hidden Lake we started up more 'scrambly' terrain towards and through the headwall along Foch Creek.Do not under estimate the headwall. It's loose and exposed in places and much harder with snow.Vern and Rod come up the headwall with Hidden and Upper Kananaskis Lakes in the bg.Fossil Falls with Mount Lyautey looming in the bg.Rod delicately balances over a moderate scrambling section of the headwall. This is tricky with a large backpack on.Gorgeous views from the upper headwall back over our ascent route - note the trail in the scree to the right.A good trail continues from the top of the headwall high above Foch Creek, which is oos to the right.We dropped our backpacks near this dried up tarn before turning left (east) up the west ridge scramble route on Sarrail.Heading back to our packs near the dried up tarn.Nice falls along Aster Creek.Jon takes a breather as we traverse ridges from Sarrail (rising in the bg) to the Aster Lake campground (behind me here).There's a reason they're called "Fossil" falls...Back on an obvious trail running along Aster Creek.Outstanding biffy views of Sarrail!Jon cools off in Aster Creek after a long, hot day of scrambling and hiking.Fall colors near camp.