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The sun disappears over Woolley's summit as we prepare for our third and last summit of the day - Mushroom Peak.Looking at Mushroom Peak (L) which isn't looking quite as easy as we'd hoped.Traversing snow covered scree to the Diadem / Mushroom Glacier. Mushroom Peak towers over us now at left.We didn't rope up on the fairly benign glacier.The glacier was pretty crevassed but we could avoid the dangers pretty easily.Believe it or not, we have over 500 vertical meters from here to the summit.The endless scree slope above the glacier was as much fun as it looks. NONE.Ben contemplates ending the slog by leaping into a crevasse. He changed his mind shortly afterwards when he realized the rope was in his pack.Just like on Little Alberta, Woolley and Diadem, there was a ton of Trilobite fossils on Mushroom Peak.Looking up at the endless scree slog awaiting us.Looking off the west ridge of Mushroom at the north glacier of Diadem towards Mount GEC.Great exposure off the west ridge, looking towards the Rockwall across hwy #93.Ben is high on the summit block. You can see the mushroom that is the apex of Mushroom Peak above him on the left.This shot makes the West Ridge look like way more fun than it actually is...The infamous rock 'mushrooms' that are the namesake of Mushroom Peak.Ben on the summit. Shadows getting long already and we have to descend unknown terrain to our bivy yet.Vern on the summit of Mushroom Peak.Summit views west include Alberta, Woolley and Diadem.Looking west off the summit towards Sunwapta and Tangle Ridge (R) across hwy #93.