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A delightful scramble up Mount Edith in Banff National Park.
My first visitor of the day didn't want to share the trail!The forest is magical in the morning light.The trail up to Cory Pass is clearly illuminated as seen from the pass.Mount Louis and the North 'nub' of Mount Edith.The stupid NW crack that I lost my gear on. After climbing up it I left my pack and camera and climbed back down to get my stuff!You can see the trail up from the pass to the bottom of the first peak.Above the ascent crack you can see the descent crack to the middle peak. First you have to go bag the North one though!Vern on the North peak of Mount Edith.Mount Bourgeau.Cory (R), Bourgeau, Sulphur, Assiniboine and many other peaks visible.Views past Louis up 40 mile creek. Cockscomb at left, Brewster at right.From the first peak you can see the middle and third.Looking back at the down climb from the north to the middle peak.Mount Brewster at right, great views up Forty Mile Creek.Louis (L), 40 Mile Creek, Brewster, Cascade Norquay and Mount Rundle (R).Cascade (L), Norquay, Rundle, Sulphur, Sundance, Eagle, Howard Douglas, Bourgeau, Cory (R).Mount Cory.Vern on the summit of the center peak of Mount Edith.Mount Louis from the Center Peak of Mount Edith.Mount Bourgeau.