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This is a special place that many folks fly over without experiencing - to me places like this are as special, or more, than a summit.My favorite small flower - the Twin FlowerWildflowers.Views back to Cats Ears and the pass.So. Many. Flowers!Wildflowers in the alpine meadows under the pass.Hangman Peak with flowers from Littlehorn Peak.Wildflowers.Ascending back to Healy Pass. Lots of mushrooms in this wet year.Lots of mushrooms along the Healy Creek trail.The Fang rises over a carpet of wildflowers in the Molar Meadows under NMP.Noseeum Mountain and brilliant wildflowers in the Molar Meadows under NMP.Indian Paintbrush.Pink Indian Paintbrush - these were lovely and all over the place!One of my favorite flowers - the Shooting Star.Calypso Orchids at the trailhead.Amazing views confronted us as we hit the alpine meadows beyond the fifth lake.Forget-me-nots