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Staring up at the east face of Citadel. We ended up traversing left to an obvious break in the cliffs.Phil ascends steep grassy slopes with the summit of Fatigue Mountain still in the clouds behind him.Our ascent line is obvious above.Looking past the eastern cliffs of Citadel towards Golden Mountain (L) and an outlier of Nub Peak at distant right.The slope gets quite steep - hikers probably won't appreciate it.Looking back at Fatigue and Golden (R).Phil breaks through the easy cliffs - note that if you aren't on the easiest line, there are difficult options through here.Very steep vegetated slopes to the summit above the cliff band.Gorgeous views over the Simpson River Valley towards Simpson Ridge (C). Golden Mountain at far left and Nestor Peak left of Simpson Ridge.Simpson Ridge is very difficult to access - especially after the Verdant Creek wildfires of 2017 which are pretty obvious here.Looking across the recent burn area towards The Monarch which is buried in clouds.Looking north over Quartz Hill towards the Egypt Lakes with Pharaoh Peak visible and Mount Ball in clouds beyond.Summit views towards Pharaoh Peaks.Telephoto over the Sunshine Meadows towards Wawa Ridge.Looking north towards Mount Howard Douglas.Fantastic views down the south ridge of Citadel, deep into the Simpson River Valley at right with Policeman's Meadows brilliant green at center.Citadel Lake sneaks into view as I walk towards the north end of the summit block. There's also a fast moving storm approaching at left here - time to bail!Looking towards Black Brett.Looking over Fatigue Pass to Golden Mountain.Golden Mountain and Mount Nasswald loom over an unnamed tarn at the head of Citadel Pass.