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A very short stint in trees just off the Evan-Thomas trail before entering a clearing.Looking back along the 'shoe track towards Mount Kidd and the beginning of the clearingThe shallow draw that slowly goes to climber's left before ending and forcing me back up to climber's right.The lower mountain isn't bad - kind of neat through the burn.Looking back at the nasty stuff. This is really tight and 'grabby' bush whacking - and it's VERY steep which makes it much harder to ascend!Wedge, Fortress, Gusty, Galatea, the Tower, South and North Kidd, Bogart, Ribbon, Sparrowhawk, Allan, Wind.A gorgeous spring morning - view towards the Fortress, Gusty and Galatea.I remember scrambling the Wedge on a gorgeous October day in 2003 and actually falling asleep for two hours on the summit!Looking back down the open slopes to the burn and the open path that I started on.The upper slopes.The upper slopes.The peak comes into view - Old Baldy on the left.McDougall, Old Baldy, Wasootch, Collembolla, Allan, Lougheed, Wind, Sparrowhawk, Ribbon, Bogart, Kidd, The Tower, Galatea, Gusty, Fortress, Chester, Wedge, James Walker, Opal Range, Fisher.Vern on the summit of Volcano Peak - McDougall in the background.Using my polarizing filter to bring out the clouds - I love this view over hwy 40 towards the Spray Lakes peaks.Pano looking over at Old Baldy on the far left and McDougall on center right.