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Leaving the toe of the Athabasca Glacier in perfect weather. Skyladder on Andromeda is lighting up on the left.Approaching the Athabasca Headwall.The same ramp we used to avoid the first steep roll on the first ice fall for our Columbia trip, now had much more snow on it.Clear sailing between the two headwalls on the icefall.Working our way up the steep final ramp to the main icefield.Crevasses off the ramp to the Columbia Icefield.The top of the ramp.Above the ramp, looking back towards Nigel Peak.Skinning around Snow Dome.Now we've gained some serious height and are working our way around Snow Dome. This is looking back at Kev.Looking south to Castleguard Peak.Skinning high up on the Columbia Icefield.Mount Columbia.It got really warm - Steven and Kevin eventually had some serious issues with snow balling on their skins.Trudging our way across the endless ocean of white. The Twins are at least visible now but still hours and hours of skiing before we get to camp.Mount Columbia.