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The bridge over Threepoint Creek is my starting point.There is still an alarming amount of snow on this side of the valley! Hiking up the well site approach road here.Starting up the route off the road - note the old cutline I'm going to follow at right.Looking back from part way up the cutline over the well site road with Mesa Butte at left.Honestly, this route would be HELL without the exact conditions I had. I floated above all the nasty bushwhacking (for the most part) on a nice easy snow crust.Birds chirping, warm sunshine, a nice crust to 'shoe on. There are worse things I could be doing today.On the last roll before the summit which is visible at distant right.I was concerned about the snowpack deteriorating through all these bushes which would make the 'shoeing really unpleasant, but it held up for me. Death's Head just ahead here.Looking up the final bit of the ascent. It got steep near the top (over 40 degrees because the 'shoes almost didn't work anymore).Very decent summit views looking west (L) and north (C) over other front range summits like Mount Quirk.The long summit ridge of Bluerock Mountain is visible through trees to the SW.Looking north over Quirk Mountain.Moose Mountain.Mesa (or Square) Butte lies to the NE.A tighter shot of Mesa Butte with Calgary's downtown buildings appearing at distant right.